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Canon XC10 Hands-on Review

We take a look at Canon’s 4K-capable camcorder(http://bit.ly/CanonXC-10), aimed at amateurs and professionals. With the demand for 4K video these days and Canon having a large following, this is a video camera that people have been waiting for - but has it been worth the wait?

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Writeonwhite Studios : I have to say it the guy With the canon cx10 has no idea of what he-s doing, really really bad, the camera audio is great by the way
Luckykhanofficial : He is an idiot but canon xc 10 it a great camera....
G L : Lmao
Real Milschmann : And just the raw footage is not the best to compare just the edited material is best on this price class
Real Milschmann : Guys u can just set the iso on the wheel on top

Canon XC10 4K Camcorder "Real World Review"

Read the full write up of the Canon XC10 as well as check out 4K Sample Footage from the Real World. http://froknowsphoto.com/canon-xc10-r...

Canon sent us a pair of XC10's to play around with a few months after the initial announcement of the new camcorders at NAB last year. What did I expect? Not much, since the first reviews coming out weren't very fond of the new hybrid camera (because they barely used it!). Is it a DSLR? Is it a camcorder? It's both!

After several "Real World Review" shoots with the camera, including the Sony RX100 IV Review, Sigma 150-600mm Review, Vegas Helicopter 5-Min Portrait and more, I quickly fell in love with it. Not only was it perfect for our run-and-gun style of shooting, but the overall quality we were seeing blew us away--for both the price and size.

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Vladimir Kuharik : well thank you. I will buy it tomorrow :D [really]
Eddy M : This camera would be far better with an aps-c sensor and interchangeable lens !
SimRacingHolland : why is it not posted as a 4k vid on yt? ;-)
RawReviews : nate russsssssssssssssssssse
Maria Ioan Anton : Nx80. Same price




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